The Hula Valley (Israel): From Nature to Anthropogenic Management, A Review


  • Moshe Gophen Migal-Scientific Research Institute POB 831 Kiryat Shmone Israel (11016)



Hula, Valley, Lake, Swamps, Settling, History, Drainage, Agriculture


The long history, from Stone-Age period until present, of settling in the HulaValleyis reviewed. This Valley land, 17.7X103 ha, was mostly covered by swamps and old Lake Hula. Population size of settlers in the Valle and in close vicinity was very small. The swamps in the Valley were mostly (app 85%) covered by Cyperus papyrus vegetation. Three major headwaters discharges were fluxed through the swampy area into Lake Hula from which the Jordan river outflow continued downstream into Lake Kinneret. Anthropogenic usage of the Hula Valley hydrological and vegetation (Papyrus for mats production and grass for cattle grazing) resources were poorly implemented. During the 1950`s of the 20th century the swamps and the Hula Lake were drained and the entire valley land was converted into agricultural utilization. The significance of that environmental modification is discussed.


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