Turkish Approach to Isil, Syria And The Kurdish Region


  • Ulviyya Huseynova Associate Fellow Centre for European and North Atlantic Affairs (CENAA)




There have been large-scale complaints lately regarding the relationship between Turkey and the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The basis of the mentioned allegations shows that Turkey is unwilling to take very strict measures regarding the security threat over its borders. This research paper examines the Turkish dilemma fighting against the ISIL threat and the contribution of Turkish policy in support of fighting ISIL. In recent meetings, U.S. officials mentioned that Turkey has made a mistake in the past with its borders. They criticize Turkey’s delayed reaction and failure to react strongly against ISIL, but that does not imply that Turkey supports a terrorist group or organization. Furthermore, Ankara has always argued that the rebels from Syria should be supported and moderated. But this point of reaction, which is even supported by the West, makes it impossible to differentiate between the 2 camps. The cross-over of arms as well, e.g. to control the deliveries of arms, is impossible to moderate. Turkey tries to keep away the emerging anti –ISIL coalition and does not support an attack on the group. It has been argued in the international view that Turkey cannot become a regional power without joining the fighting coalition against ISIL threat. However, the West and regional countries are trying to understand the Turkish reaction and they are concerned.


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