Strategic Alliance and Operational Sustainability in the Nigerian Banking Sector


  • Christopher Akpotu Department of Business Administration Niger-Delta University Wilberforce Island, Amassoma, Nigeria



There is the heightened challenge of scarcity of organizational resources needed to cope with increased level of competitiveness arising from globalization and technological breakthroughs. One of the likely ways of ensuring survival and sustainability is creation of strategic alliances value added and this has informed the current study in the Nigerian banking sector. A survey of 76 strategic bank personnel was used and the survey instrument generated data related to the examined constructs. The Spearmen Rank statistic and multiple regression were used as analytical tools and findings showed that the multi-dimension of strategic alliance operationalized as technological, human capital development and research and development alliances have a significant relationship with operational sustainability and technological alliance with much weight based on theĀ  value = 0.312 on operational effectiveness therefore it was concluded that strategically created alliances ensures operational sustainability. This study has its implication in terms of emphasizing network or alliance appropriateness towards operational goals.